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Butterfly Conservatory

Thanksgiving Point

Roto collaborated with Thanksgiving Point Institute to develop an exciting visitor experience design for a new Butterfly Conservatory and attraction, including more than 5,000 square feet of unique interactive exhibits, media and live insect displays in addition to a major greenhouse biosphere and exploratory environment.


  • Live butterfly biosphere
  • Interactive exhibits on insect anatomy and behavior
  • Conservation media and displays
  • Banyan tree “climber” and exploratory cave
  • Associated retail and outdoor gardens
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This extensive butterfly and insect experience is framed around the big idea of “looking closer,” encouraging visitors to both increase their awareness and appreciation for the role that insects play in world ecosystems, as well as to explore the natural world in their own backyards.

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Thanksgiving Point Institute is a unique non-profit farm, garden and museum complex that draws upon the natural world to cultivate transformative family learning for nearly two million annual visitors. This was the second major project Roto has completed for TPI.

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