Children's Museums

Rainforest Experience

Thanksgiving Point, Utah

Rainforest Illustration

The Rainforest attraction is the capstone of the most popular children and family indoor destination in the Salt Lake City and Greater Wasatch market, enjoyed by more than 500,000 annual guests. Conceived, designed and produced by Roto as a custom “adventure experience,” Rainforest features a huge climbing structure customized with interactive games and a pinnacle puzzle—gaining entrance into the secret “control room,” from where successful explorers can watch over the entire attraction.


  • Giant themed softplay climbing and exploring
  • Original high-tech interactive challenges on animal themes
  • High-ropes course, rope bridges and a crashed airplane
  • Mysterious secret discoveries around every corner
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Animal-themed custom interactive challenges provide guests with highly-repeatable experiences, measuring their strength, endurance, agility, and other fun physical factors. Competitive scoring generates exceptional social value, while remaining effective and accessible for all ages.
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Protected play for younger children, and an exotic “trading post and market” furnish the best play-driven experiences of the children’s museum field within an original storyline. Expertly designed by Roto’s children’s museum development team, these critical features ensure effective experiences for younger children while older siblings explore the rest of the attraction.