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Master Plan

Roto master plans are always unique adventures. Eschewing formulaic one-size-fits-all programs, these initiatives are custom-tailored to the specific needs, questions, starting-points, timetables and budgets of each institution. Roto has produced dozens of highly-original master plans for interactive museums in recent years, and Port Discovery’s is no exception.


  • Blue-sky creative development of possible new themes.
  • Extensive multi-part community feedback process.
  • Compelling visualization of five exciting new exhibits.
  • Front-end framework and final compilation in narrated book.
Port Discovery Childrens Museum Master Plan Deliberables

After nearly 20 years since opening to great fanfare inside Baltimore’s historic Fish Market Building, the Roto-led visitor experience master plan is the first major re-imagining of Port Discovery for the next generation of Baltimore area families. Initially ten unique potential exhibit themes were generated around broad staff and community input, developed into conceptual posters, and thoroughly debated and improved through successive community engagement events.

Feedback and community advice is not sufficient by itself to deliver uncompromising results. Concepts must be tailored to a deep roster of business, operational, development, facility and marketplace considerations. These helped shape final definitions for five new exhibits for the future Port Discovery.

Port Discovery Childrens Museum Render 1 1
Port Discovery Childrens Museum Render 3 3

Visualization can take many forms, including models, storyboard, and renderings, compiled and annotated in a variety of final deliverables including books, boards and presentations.


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