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Science Museum Oklahoma CurioCity by Roto

CurioCity is an exciting 20,000 ft2 family destination for exploration and play designed for children through age 12. Built on a clever village theme, CurioCity is comprised of eight whimsical neighborhoods, and features an adventure climber, tinkering garage, music studio, immersive H2O cavern, even a custom circus and carnival.


  • Complete environment and theming design
  • Interactive engineering and media development
  • Extensive user testing and refinement
  • Turnkey fabrication and installation
Science Museum Oklahoma CurioCity by Roto

CurioCity is an ideal blend of FEC-style physical exploration and play, combined with over 100 high-tech and mechanical interactive elements for discovery and manipulation, fully integrated into a maze-like arrangement of themed construction environments. 

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Cm Curiocity

While some interactive gags are tried-and-true (e.g. “Bed of Nails”), many others are original to this attraction. A self-propelled carousel that generates guest-activated music, a daring “tightrope challenge,” a softplay slingshot gallery, and a huge vertical human kaleidoscope are some of the popular favorites.  

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"We gave Roto the herculean task of creating an exhibition that rivaled Disney in aesthetics while incorporating solid learning opportunities. We are proud to say that CurioCity has exceeded both our and our guests’ expectations and has been a phenomenal success."

- Kevin Wilson, VP Finance and Operations