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Roto Google Partnerplex Site Development Design

Roto provided comprehensive planning, architectural design, interiors and environmental design, as well as the development of numerous custom interactive and technology “features” that populated this central facility on Google’s main Mountain View campus.


  • Facility evaluation and master planning
  • Interior renovation design, conference facilities, theater
  • Environmental design and branding
  • Custom interactive “features” and installations
Google Spread 1

Used as a key presentation and conference facility for global partners, the PartnerPlex required a renovation plan that furnished maximum flexibility while capturing the “googly” essence of the company and its brand. These were delivered in nearly a dozen concepts for unusual, large-scale, often interactive “features” involving illuminated glass, falling water, spherical projections, and other magical effects that are a hallmark of Roto design.

Exhibit Upstairs
First Breakout 01
Data Fountain And Patio 01