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The V-twin engine is the symbolic heart of the Harley-Davidson story. Matching and extending an existing design aesthetic, Roto created 2,000 square feet of fundamentally new interpretation and built a suite of new collection, graphic and interactive experiences, all in celebration of the Harley Davidson brand. Understanding the signature sound and feel of a Harley Davidson motorcycle, and what makes it so iconic to riders and fans alike, requires an understanding of the engine configuration. Here, Roto created a suite of multisensory gadgets that bring the science, engineering and emotion of a V-twin to life.


  • Interpretive development
  • Exhibit design
  • Interactive engineering and prototyping
  • Fabrication and installation
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Carbone Roto Harley 3

The 45-degree dual cylinder V twin that defines most Harley Davidson motorcycle engines produces a signature sound – two beats followed by a pause, an asymmetrical “potato” rhythm, clearly discernable at all RPMs. Riders can also feel this rhythm, so Roto built an indoor, interactive full-scale bike to simulate this feeling that anyone can ride.

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