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Columbus Adventure Overhead Long Shot

Adventure is a ground-breaking first-person attraction, blending the gameplay of a puzzle-based videogame with the storyline of a Hollywood adventure film, all set in a physical, exploratory environment built to world-class theme park standards.


  • Pulsed entry pre-show and unique gameplay model
  • Immersive environments such as maze, cavern, dig pit
  • Personal encounters with scripted animatronic characters
  • More than 2 million paid guest experiences
Columbus Adventure Llala With People 2

The Roto concept and design team created a unique interactive attraction, where guests must collect clues across 4 major subzones to assemble the solution to a cryptic master puzzle. Presaging the introduction of the “escape room” concept, Adventure rewards guests for quick thinking, collaboration and courage.

Columbus Adventure Plunk With Keyboard

Adventure’s many clever puzzles and physical gags, including the famous Gates of Doom and the distorted gravity Throne Room, furnished guest explorers with keys to an even deeper gameplay, generating unprecedented repeat customers and even a fan-built website.

Columbus Adventure Llala With People
Columbus Adventure Cymon With Floor Puzzle