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Discovery World Power On Exhibit by Roto

Roto completed a master plan for Discovery World, the science and technology center in Milwaukee, WI, in early 2017 and was then contracted to design and build the Energy gallery as part of their major renovation and expansion effort. Scheduled to open late 2018, this 4,300 ft2 exhibit is focused around the core concept of how our lives are driven by the transformation of energy as it is converted from unseen forces into everyday experiences, and how humans have harnessed different types of energy through technological innovations, scientific discovery and persistent curiosity about the world around us. 


  • variety of high-tech interactive exhibits
  • highly-integrated custom projection mapping
  • projection surfaces throughout the course of the gameplay
  • realistic energy-consumption scenarios
Discovery World Energy Experience Roto Design-Build

A variety of high-tech interactive exhibits, ranging from Tesla Coils and Van de Graaff Generators to an exhibit in which visitors pedal a bicycle in order to power a real chainsaw, all illustrate how energy is converted from one form into another. Central to the gallery is an exhibit called “Run the City,” in which visitors physically run in place on a sensor to virtually generate power for the city of Milwaukee. 

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Realistic energy-consumption scenarios for the city of Milwaukee are animated on the projection surfaces throughout the course of the gameplay and visitors must choose which combination of energy sources to use to meet the changing demand. An array of highly-integrated custom projection mapping effects brings this interactive to life across a 3D scenic backdrop of the Milwaukee cityscape.

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"They have become a valued partner, and we won't hesitate to pick up the phone to engage them on projects large or small in the future."

- Joel Brennan, President & CEO, Discovery World