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Canada Science and Technology Museum

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This major federal museum of Canada, with over 45,000 collection objects from across the spectrum of Canadian science and technology history, is opening a total renovation and exhibit replacement in late 2017, with Roto contracted to design and build two of the six grand galleries.


  • Exhibit and interpretive design
  • Interactive development and prototyping
  • Casework, lighting and object mounts
  • Theme and exhibit fabrication and installation
  • Five exhibits in two large galleries
  • Total of 17,600 square feet (1635 sqm)
Canada Science and Technology Museum Design & Build by Roto

One gallery contains three related exhibits connected through the theme of human perception. Objects here include early scientific instruments like telescopes and microscopes, and a wide array of medical instruments, all tools for enhancing human senses. Roto is interpreting these objects through extensive visitor engagement with their own five senses.

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The other gallery emphasizes how innovation shapes daily life, and vice versa, with an emphasis on household and wearable technology – from kitchen appliances to sports helmets. Here again, Roto’s visitor-centered approach puts objects and stories in relation to the relevant present day experience of the audience, sparking social conversation and providing new appreciation for the role of “innovation” across time and place.

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Roto was the only firm to be awarded multiple galleries, and the only non-Canadian design firm on the project.

"Roto’s partnership with CSTM exemplifies the model which we would like all exhibition design/build firms to aspire. Roto’s exceptionally knowledgeable creative team developed high level engaging experiences for our visitors."

- Rachelle Fournier, Manager, Exhibition Projects