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After successful completion of a Roto-led museum-wide master plan, Science Museum of Virginia re-hired Roto to design and build its first major permanent exhibition in a decade, Boost! This 8,500 square foot experience is focused on mental and physical self-improvement, and includes an unusually interdisciplinary array of subject matter, from psychology to nutrition to personal fitness.


  • Concept through detail exhibit design.
  • Visitor activity research, development and prototyping.
  • Extensive media engineering, testing and deployment.
  • Design-build contract accountability.
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The interactive elements in Boost! include a wide range of physical challenges and mental games, using both low- and high-tech approaches. But all the experiences are activated with a visitor’s own personal ID chip, a small barcoded tag that collects anonymous results and achievements, which visitors can use to measure, compare and improve themselves.


Roto designed and built a custom database, middleware and card reading technology to enable hundreds of thousands of unique users to track and record their results without cumbersome profiles and set-up – just swipe-in to your first activity and the system does the rest. Not only can visitors look up their information in the exhibit and online, but the museum can also run reports (using simple spreadsheet pivot tables) to track visitor behavior and repeat usage for each component in the exhibit.

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