The National Museum of Psychology

Akron Psychology Museum Exhibit
What makes us human? The National Museum of Psychology invites visitors to explore the history of our attempts to understand the human experience through the study of memory, intelligence, personality, and more. 


  • Exhibit and interior design
  • Graphic and interpretive design
  • Custom object casework with interactivity
  • Turnkey fabrication and installation
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Rich exhibit content includes the history of scientific exploration, including the original equipment from Milgram’s obedience studies and the Stanford Prison Experiment. Exhibits about the profession of psychology include home movies of Sigmund Freud. Visitors can also learn how psychologists use research to understand and create social change, including psychological research on race, gender, sexuality and social roles.

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National Museum of Psychology by Roto

Housed at the University of Akron’s Cummings Center for the History of Psychology, the National Museum of Psychology showcases and interprets documents, media and artifacts from the Center’s vast collections. Working with the Center’s curators, Roto brought the history of psychology to life for both specialists and everyday public visitors alike.    

“I think Roto and our team have managed to create a museum for everyone! I doubted whether this was possible but I've watched children, adults, psychologists, and non-psychologists engage with the museum and have a lot of fun doing so!”

- Cathy Faye, Assistant Director, Center for the History of Psychology