The Bakken Museum

Bakken Museum Design Build By Roto 2 2020 C Corey Gaffer

As part of a multi-year strategic plan, the Bakken Museum hired Roto to design and fabricate the centerpiece exhibition of their new expansion and renovation while establishing a higher degree of interactivity within the museum. 


  • Planning and conceptual design
  • Exhibit and interpretive design
  • Immersive media design and execution
  • Audio-visual engineering and installation
  • Turnkey project accountability
  • Fixed budget and schedule
Bakken Museum Design Build By Roto 3 2020 C Corey Gaffer

Located in Minneapolis, Spark is a 1,500 square foot permanent gallery that celebrates the intersection of innovation and inspiration through the lens of medical technology and science fiction. Through a series of creative, collaborative interactives and thought-provoking experiences, the exhibit challenges visitors to, “find their spark and change the world.” 

Bakken Museum Design Build By Roto 1 2020 C Corey Gaffer
Bakken Museum Design Build By Roto 4 2020 C Corey Gaffer

The project also required a dramatic architectural centerpiece, an icon mounted high in the museum’s new entry tower. A swirling sphere of dichroic lenses casts colored light throughout the surrounding landscape.    

Bakken Museum Design Build By Roto 6 2020 C Corey Gaffer
This iconic sculpture at the Bakken Museum is in constant motion, casting colorful shadows and reflections
Bakken Museum Design Build By Roto 9 2020 C Corey Gaffer

Project Architect: RSP Architects