Oklahoma Hall of Fame

Gaylord-Pickens Museum

Biographical museums and exhibitions require special care and emphasis, allowing modern, digitally-connected visitors to find personal relevance while being inspired by other peoples’ stories. Roto delivered just such a boost for this elegant museum in the American Great Plains.


  • Strategic museum planning for renewal
  • New interpretive and wayfinding enhancements
  • Technology simplification upgrades for critical operations
  • Exciting new visitor experiences
  • Extensive prototyping and evaluation
  • Design-build execution for maximum speed and efficiency
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Roto designed and delivered a comprehensive new wayfinding and interpretive signage system throughout the museum to better explain and integrate the museum’s various galleries and features. Frustrated by legacy media systems built on proprietary platforms, the Museum asked Roto to reengineer and replace troublesome servers and controls which repeatedly took down entire galleries for weeks at a time. Roto’s systems are simpler, decentralized to remove single-point failures, and more reliable.

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The Oklahoma Hall of Fame asks visitors to learn about and appreciate hundreds of truly exceptional leaders, innovators and public servants. Roto multiplied this value by encouraging visitors to view themselves in this same light, as future leaders, innovators and contributors.

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