Brand Experiences

American Airlines Gallery

CR Smith Museum

Teen boy playing on plane slide in the newly refurbished American Airlines gallery at the CR Smith Museum -- work by experiential design builders, Roto.

Roto collaborated with American Airlines and the CR Smith Museum in 2017-2018 to complete a major renovation, including the near-total replacement of the interactive, media and interpretive exhibits in this 25,000 ft2 facility. Based on the Client’s previous preliminary designs, Roto worked through numerous rounds of revisions, improvements and replacement concepts, creating a customized solution to fit the Museum’s budget, operating requirements, and extensive collections. Although many of the pre-existing museum collection objects were retained in some form, virtually every structure, display and graphic was reconsidered, moved, replaced or refinished through the process.


  • Authentic MD-80 cockpit
  • Immersive 12-screen interactive media show
  • All new object and story displays
  • High-tech skill-based interactive challenges
Crsm Afterrenov 0344 Original

Following the extensive visioning and refinement stage, Roto proceeded through exhibit fabrication, media and software production, extensive refinishing of existing structures and displays, and turnkey installation. Highlights of the new visitor experiences include an authentic MD-80 cockpit (interactive), immersive twelve-screen interactive media show, all-new object and stories displays, high-tech skills-based interactive challenges, a children’s climbing plane, and numerous other enhancements celebrating the achievements of the airline and the industry over more than 50 years.

American Airlines CR Smith Museum Entrance after Roto renovation