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Dayton Childrens Hospital Flower Sculptures Lobby By Roto 2

Six years after creating and installing the Dragonflyer kinetic sculpture at Dayton Children’s Hospital, Roto returned to install another moment of delight in the hospital’s new specialty care outpatient center. The new flower and raindrop sculpture fills the new five-story 152,000 sf facility with colorful light and whimsy.

Designed to share a sense of flight and freedom, major elements of the sculpture include five bespoke flower sculptures constructed of hardwood and metal with acrylic flower petals coated in a dichroic film that cast iridescent splashes of color throughout the new tower. The flowers are accented by a stream of water drops that wind through the space.

Custom lighting design elements also accentuate the sculpture making the pieces just as viewable from outside, extending the flowers’ joyousness beyond the building.

Services List

  • Six major pieces that form five flying flower sculptures with a gentle trail of raindrops
  • The largest flower spans nearly 18’ in width on a 15’ stem
  • Constructed of hardwood, steel, and acrylic, the sculpture is made of similar materials to the “Dragonflyer” interactive installed in 20XX
  • Viewable from four floors of the hospital, every sculpture piece is designed for viewing from 360-degrees
  • Architectural lighting and an iridescent tile art wall accent the floating dichroic sculpture
Dayton Childrens Hospital Flower Sculptures Lobby By Roto 1
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Dayton Childrens Hospital Flower Sculptures Lobby By Roto 3
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