Zoos & Aquariums

Veterinary Hospital Exhibits

Oklahoma City Zoo


Oklahoma City Zoo showcases the excellent medical care provided for their animals with the zoo’s new animal hospital composed of an observation gallery segmented into three clinical rooms. Facing an interpretive design challenge, architects worked to deliver the zoo’s message of excellent care although the medical rooms are often inactive.


  • Conceptual design and programming.

  • Architectural interiors, theming and finishes.

  • Interactive design and development.

  • Graphic design consultation.


A freestanding wall at the entry to the viewing gallery provided glare protection to the monitors and viewing windows. Visitors are greeted by a photomosaic image of a zoo veterinarian examining a flamingo made up of thousands of photos of visitors, staff and animals.    


Monitors mounted over the viewing windows serve as changing interpretive messaging tailored to the radiology, diagnostic or surgical rooms below. Archive footage of prior operations allow visitors to see the zoo’s veterinarians in action. This combination activates what would otherwise be an uneventful space for visitors.