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Roto’s east coast office (formerly Lyons Zaremba) provided full design services for the large-scale live aquarium exhibits within the 35,000 ft2 multi-level Living Core building within the new 250,000 ft2 science museum in Miami. The Living Core aquarium experience focuses on Florida’s aquatic habitats including a hardwood hammock, sawgrass meadow, coastal mangrove, coastal beach, coral reefs and the Gulf Stream. Two live coral exhibits compare and contrast Atlantic corals with those found in the Indo-Pacific.


  • 500,000 Gallon Gulf Steam exhibit
  • 24,000 Gallon Live Indo Pacific Coral Reef exhibit
  • 16,000 Gallon Live Mangrove / Diving Bird exhibit
  • Walk thru bird aviary
  • 13,000 Gallon Shark & Ray Touch Tank
  • Live Hardwood Hammock exhibit with Alligators, Gopher tortoise, and assorted reptiles and insects.
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Roto/LZA also designed the interpretive exhibits that support the live animal exhibits and feature a flexible exhibit system to support the museum’s mandate to offer visitors a dynamic interpretive program. This modular system includes interchangeable elements that can be repositioned and reconfigured in numerous ways includes aquarium focus tanks and their associated life support systems, interpretive graphics, interactive media, museum artifacts, tactile and models. 

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Mangorve Tank