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Master Plan

Lincoln Children’s Zoo

In 2015, Roto completed a comprehensive master plan for this popular community zoo in Lincoln, expanding the property, creating seven major new exhibits, and adding an entirely new depth of visitor immersion, interactivity and engagement. 


  • Reimagined Zoo entry experience
  • New dining and retail facilities
  • Indoor giraffe exhibit and outdoor feeding
  • Budgie feeding exhibit
  • Colobus monkey exhibit
  • Interactive “Cheetah Race” attraction
Lincoln Childrens Zoo Elevation 1

Roto’s scope was comprehensive, including site development, landscape architecture, rock and water features, wayfinding and flow, conceptual theming and branding, expanded food and beverage, as well as coordination with zoo staff and executive leadership on new animal care, training and veterinary facilities.


Deliverables from the planning process include a robust suite of fundraising tools, including plans, renderings and flexible budget scenarios. Roto’s range and quality of illustrative styles can fit any interior or exterior requirement.

Roto Lincoln Childrens Zoo Site Plan

"Roto knows about guests. They are pros in making a guest experience unforgettable and excellent. I’ve have watched the creative talent and imagination of the Roto team. All top-notch!"

- John P. Chapo, President/CEO

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