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Elephant Encounter

Hogle Zoo

Roto Hogle Zoo Elephant Encounter Design Build

Roto designed and produced the theming and interpretive experiences for the Elephant Encounter exhibit at this Salt Lake City area zoo. In addition to a custom environmental graphics and signage package, Roto created custom interactive elements to help engage visitors in rhino and elephant conservation education. 


  • Interpretive planning and development
  • Graphic and theming design
  • Custom props, environments and signage
  • Original interactives and sculpture installation
Ee Concept Sketch

The centerpiece of this exhibit experience is an outdoor art installation called Elephachoo -- a life-size elephant sculpture with a full repertoire of explosive, wet sneeze effects. The sculpture was styled after Indian soapstone carvings, and scaled to that of a real bull elephant for close-up guest encounters.

Hogle Zoo Elephant Encounter by Roto
Hogle Zoo Elephant Encounter

In addition to extensive custom signage and architectural theming, this exhibit features numerous authentic and replica collections objects, uniquely displayed for guest interaction.