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Caribbean Journey

Texas State Aquarium

Texas State Aquarium Caribbean Journey Roto Design

The Caribbean Journey wing represents a significant expansion of Texas State Aquarium, with the addition of a new multi-story facility that includes a coastal forest, fresh and brackish water terrestrial communities on the upper level, and coastal and open water marine communities on the lower level. 


  • 20,000 SF of naturally light conservatory space with live plants and aquatic exhibits
  • 14,000 gallon Blue Hole exhibit
  • 18,000 gallon Caribbean Coral Reef exhibit
  • 400,000 gallon Caribbean Sea exhibit
Texas State Aquarium Caribbean Journey Roto Design
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Visitors embark on their journey from the naturally lit upper level conservatory where Flamingos, coastal fish, reptiles, insects, and a sloth are found. Passing by above water views of major marine exhibits, visitors encounter a Maya ruin with focus exhibits. From the day-lit upper level, visitors descend to a lower “below water” viewing level where they encounter focus exhibits that include coastal communities, a blue hole exhibit, coral reef exhibit and the 400,000 Caribbean Sea exhibit.

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