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In addition to the traditional services of site development, architectural planning, theming, and animal exhibit design, Roto adds expert interpretive design, educational programs, marketing and branding design, and family-centered indoor and outdoor play, as well as world-class interactivity. We specialize in the elevation of zoo, aquarium, botanical, and nature center projects.

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Animal encounters with deeper connections

Zoos, aquariums, and nature centers want guests to think and feel differently, learning critical animal and conservation messages as they create cherished social memories. Roto is exceptional at delivering audience impact, specializing in the design of animal exhibits that motivate action and conversation.


A whole new ecosystem of guest experiences

Roto solutions and designs go way beyond animal exhibits, bringing leading ideas from children’s and science museums, interactive outdoor attractions and themed entertainment to open whole new avenues of experience for nature-based destinations.

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Highly-reliable, single-source of accountability

As a large and reliable company providing turnkey execution services for major leisure destinations worldwide, Roto offers more than construction administration, bringing complex, integrated projects to completion on guaranteed budgets and opening dates.

Roto knows about guests and the guest experience. They are pros in the creative world of making a guest experience unforgettable and excellent.

- John P. Chapo, President/CEO Lincoln Children's Zoo


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    Master Planning

    Roto offers institutional strategy, site development, landscape and facility architectural design, interpretive planning, and integrated branding design, together with a unique specialty in the creation of original, interactive family experiences.

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    Experience Design

    Live animal experiences can be so much more than labeled cases, tanks, and enclosures. Roto designs animal exhibits with an immense resource of new and proven ideas for interactive, play, media, technology, and theming enhancements, delivering powerful conservation and interpretive messages while dramatically increasing dwell time and sense of value.

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    Interpretive Design

    Roto’s zoo and aquarium experience began with branding and interpretive design, creating coherent and compelling messages in themed murals and props, signage and labels, custom sculptured models and artwork, interactive encounters, and staff-led educational programs. Our work includes extensive research and experience in how to engage guests emotionally and personally with conservation causes and action.

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    Themed Design & Attractions

    Roto has extensive skills and portfolio in themed environmental design, including rockwork, foliage, murals, and architecture, as well as in rides, custom attractions, and outdoor adventure experiences. With exceptional versatility in both themed entertainment and museums and zoos, Roto can deliver themed design and attractions consistent with institutional mission, goals and strategy.

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    Interactive Engineering

    As a world-leading developer of interactive experiences for the museum and entertainment sectors, Roto has delivered unique experiences for zoos and nature centers that create instant buzz and memorability. From squirting elephant statues to racing cheetahs, animal comparison contests to macroscopic views of gorgeous insects, Roto can both design and deliver original attractions on any scale.

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    For projects with complex integration of custom interpretive, media, or interactive elements, Roto provides complete design-build accountability, or sole-source contracting within larger GC scopes, to guarantee on-time and on-budget results.

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