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5 Consecutive Projects

Roto developed a comprehensive master plan with Whitaker Center in 2007 to entirely renovate and replace most permanent science exhibits. Over the next 5 years, the science center completed a sequence of new exhibit projects based upon that Plan, ranging from 2,800 to 3,600 square feet in size, choosing Roto each time on the basis of fixed-fee design-build engagements.


  • Comprehensive Master Plan, including facility and exhibit renovation
  • KidsPlace, the center’s first dedicated exhibit space for young children
  • Forces of Nature, featuring the first walk-in, unstaffed “hurricane room”
  • Carnival of Health, a fun and colorful twist on fitness and wellness
  • Move-It!, featuring numerous tinkering-style problem-solving exhibits
Whitaker Forces 44

Exhibit design for Whitaker Center followed a strongly visitor-centered philosophy, ensuring that each activity within each theme would create memorable learning for the widest possible audience spectrum. Exhibits were a blend of tried-and-true science museum staples, many from Roto’s repertoire of more than 1,000 previously-successful interactive elements, always supplemented by one or more totally original experiences that are unique to these projects.

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Roto design progress is always guided by pre-established budget parameters, ensuring that creative development maximizes the available resources and avoids gutting ambitious projects through “value engineering.” All Roto design-build projects were completed within the guaranteed budgets they started with.

Whitaker Kidsplace Water Table Cropped
Tornado2 Hires
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"Roto designs exhibits that visitors love to use. That's what we like about them."

- Steve Bishop, Vice President, Whitaker Center

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