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Science Alley

Connecticut Science Center

CSC opened in 2009 in a newly-constructed building whose prominent interior feature is a narrow but exceedingly tall lobby called “Science Alley.” Science museum leadership had long envisioned filling this 6-story space with enormous symbols of scientific enterprise – an underwater scene in the lower stairway, terrestrial features including a dinosaur and volcano at main floor level, and various flying machines like rockets, jet engines and helicopters in the ascending void above. They selected Roto in a national competition to realize their vision.


  • Creation of a unifying visual style and overarching message.
  • Design and engineering of unique organic forms.
  • Custom precision construction and finishing.
  • Multilayered kinetic murals with embedded video/ lighting effects.
  • Complex multistory rigging and installation.
Representational Whale View
Early representational renderings completed during the concept phase
Tornado View Concept Rendering

The giant whale, dinosaur, tornado, rocket, helicopter, space telescope and other elements were executed in a common language of open slices with brightly-painted interior forms, drawing attention to an “unseen” reality inside. Associated interpretive elements explain the theory.

Evolution of the 32-foot suspended sperm whale sculpture
Sperm Whale Dd Color Study Elevator Orange Metallic
20160921 Bv5p9436

Enormous murals contain embedded animation effects, engineered to be visible in the strong daylight, and positively awesome at night. All design, engineering, structural fabrication, media and control were developed for this project in-house at Roto.

Csc Science Alley Jw 27 Jan 2017 9707
Csc Science Alley Jw 27 Jan 2017 9674

"Roto transformed the iconic vertical atrium space into a powerful visitor experience."

- Matt Fleury, President & CEO, Connecticut Science Center