Science Centers

Epic Exploration Museum

China and the United States


The "Epic Exploration Museum" is a prospective new form of interactive museum, never before seen in China or elsewhere, and ranks among one of Roto’s most expressive, innovative ventures. The concept is built partially on the model of Western interactive museums, partially from the inspiration of next-generation DIY “maker spaces,” and influenced by new forms of art and technology.


  • Phenomenon-based science experiences.
  • Major maker-style skills-based workshops.
  • New technology immersion where art meets science.
  • Extensive amenities and new forms of visitor participation.
Epic Exploration Museum Activities 1

The museum concept is a highly-modular, flexible platform that allows for rapid deployment and reconfiguration into many different scales and styles of operation. Its modules rely on a combination of proven interactive experience models and innovative new technologies that cannot be appreciated online or virtually, all packaged in brilliant contemporary design.

The first Epic Exploration Museums are scheduled for completion in mid 2018, with local/regional partnerships and expanded revenue models tied to reciprocal missions and audience affinities.


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