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Dynamic Earth

Kocaeli Science Center

Dynamic Earth is a highly-interactive, 800 square meter science gallery focusing on both large- and small-scale processes that shape and transform the planet – the largest science gallery within this government sponsored science center 100 km east of Istanbul.


  • Air and water, fluid properties, motion patterns
  • Earth structures, formation, erosion
  • Biosphere, habitats, earth-life interactions
  • Solar system, orbits, tides, seasons
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Based upon schematic plans featuring more than 70 of the Exploratorium’s most popular and effective phenomena-based interactive exhibits, Roto’s intensive development, engineering, prototyping and evaluation practice refined Dynamic Earth into a highly-relatable, localized exploration of earth science themes for a wide Turkish-speaking audience of school group, family and adult visitors.

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The Dynamic Earth project required extensive international coordination with Owner forces, local contractors, and suppliers working between U.S. and E.U. standards. The exhibits feature more than 130 bilingual interpretive and media elements, and was completed within fixed budget and schedule requirements guaranteed prior to commencement.


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