COVID-19 Response

Critical Equipment Repair

In order to assist in the local and national response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Roto is offering the medical and first-responder community access to our unique technical capacity for the emergency repair or maintenance of critical equipment.

Roto operates the most advanced engineering and fabrication department in the U.S. for the development, assembly and repair of custom electromechanical systems for complex interactive exhibits and displays. These exhibits require sophisticated circuit-level electronics design, often involving a variety of microprocessors, controllers, digital displays, sensors, and power supplies that are frequently integrated with mechanical components such as motors, pumps or actuators.

Due to the entirely custom nature of this work, Roto also operates a full-service fabrication facility that can turn out custom machined parts in metal or plastic using precision CNC milling, welding, and 3D printing.

Whether working independently or expanding the capacity of an in-house engineering/maintenance department, Roto’s technical team is ready to assist on any timeframe necessary.

For immediate support, contact: hello@roto.com. 


  • Troubleshooting and diagnostics for electronic and digital-control systems, with or without factory manuals.
  • Custom machining of small parts for mechanical and electromechanical repairs.
  • Custom fabrication of large parts for structural or mechanical repairs, including grinding, welding and finishing.
  • Replacement of power supplies, solenoids, digital displays, touch panels, LED boards, wiring harnesses, and similar components.
  • Our 60,000 ft2 facility is located in Dublin, Ohio, and we can arrange for local/regional pick-up and delivery.
  • On-location troubleshooting and repair is also available.
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