Roto presents interactive Spark exhibit at newly renovated Bakken Museum

Roto presents a new interactive exhibit at The Bakken Museum, which completed a $4.5 million remodeling project last summer. This was the museum’s first major renovation in 20 years and included a redesigned entrance, a courtyard, a walkway overlooking wetlands on the property, and expanded learning spaces.

The Bakken Museum in Minneapolis is a public museum that explores electricity and magnetism, as well as being a centre for research. It has used the remodeling project to enhance its core mission, inviting guests to look beyond historic inventions and see how innovation can solve problems as we head into the future.

Spark is a permanent exhibit designed to showcase the global impact of innovation and technology, and how these ideas can be inspired.

“Great innovations can be inspired by the humanities, nature, and even pop culture,” explains The Bakken Museum’s President & CEO, Michael Sanders, emphasized an expansive view of sparks for inspiration: “Great innovations can be inspired by the humanities, nature, and even pop culture.”

The new exhibit also aims to connect with a diverse audience, showing how art, science and technology can change the world and transforming visitors into creators.

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This iconic sculpture at the Bakken Museum is in constant motion, casting colorful shadows and reflections