NMAH Explores Topic Of Innovation In New Permanent Gallery

This permanent exhibition opened earlier this month as part of the National Museum of American History’s major renovation of the First Floor West Wing, celebrating the theme of “innovation.” Places of Invention invites visitors to explore six diverse stories demonstrating the common features through American history which have served to transform a group of people and resources into a true “hot spot” of innovation. Roto combined unique interactive elements with bold media and graphical treatments, and the design clearly compares Hartford in the 1890’s with Hollywood in the 1930’s; Silicon Valley with the equally-powerful story of innovation happening in the Bronx around the same time period. Places of Invention makes use of the latest techniques for ensuring a fully-participatory history experience for everyday family, group and adult visitors

Case studies include:

- precision manufacturing in Hartford, Connecticut, in the late 1800s

- technicolor in Hollywood, California, in the 1930s

- medical innovations in Medical Alley, Minnesota, in the 1950s

- hip-hop’s birth in the Bronx, New York, in the 1970s

- the rise of the personal computer in Silicon Valley, California, in the 1970s and 1980s

- clean-energy innovations in Fort Collins, Colorado, in the 2010s

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