Creating a Vision at Mote Science Education Aquarium

In early 2020, tvsdesign selected Roto as their aquarium exhibit design partner for the new Mote Science Education Aquarium project. While the project is slated to break ground early October in Sarasota, supporters of the new facility have already pledged over $75 million to the aquarium, which will be set over four stories on a 12-acre site with one million gallons of animal exhibits.

As the selected exhibit design partner, Roto will be designing tanks and habitats to showcase aquatic species like manatees, sand tiger sharks, octopus, reef fish and jellyfish, as well as Humboldt Penguins, North American River Otters, Shorebirds, Gopher Tortoises, and Indigo snakes within naturalistic enclosures. The team is working on fitting over 60 different exhibits, tanks and habitats into the facility, including a 300,000 gallon Gulf of Mexico tank with several large viewing opportunities for an immersive experience.

The space will feature more than 1 million gallons of exhibits with marine life and scientific displays from around the world and is projected to double the attendance of the current Mote Aquarium. To ensure that science and research are at the forefront of the visitor experience, the design team must think differently about traditional aquarium exhibit design. 

Gulf Of Mexico View at Mote Aquarium
Manatee View at Mote Aquarium