Brand Experiences

Hard Rock Park

Myrtle Beach, SC

This innovative 55 acre theme park built on the Hard Rock brand promised a whole new style and vibe when it debuted in 2008. To enhance the park’s rock-n-roll attitude, Roto conceived and produced nearly two dozen music-themed interactive amenities and features. From a heckling Elvis Cow fountain to a giant stone Water Guitar that played a lick from “Stairway to Heaven” when plucked, Roto’s collection of gags became stand-out gems of the guest experience.


  • Themed icons at key plaza locations
  • Queue line interactives
  • Memorabilia-inspired surprises
  • Large-scale photo-ops
Hard Rock Park 0458 25360
Rock Cow Billy Lines 2
Final Cow Color

Roto delivered several rounds of blue-sky concepts, all inspired by the rock-n-roll theme. Ideas were harvested for their power to surprise and delight, and polished to ensure a strong connection to the Hard Rock brand. Beyond off-the-shelf rides and shows, the Roto features and amenities helped give the park personality and heart.

Allen Guita Copy
Water Guitar With Fog

Roto’s integrated design-build capabilities were essential to the effective realization of these original, custom gags and features. A 40-foot tall concrete Water Guitar was heavily prototyped, and all interactive components were thoroughly engineered and tested prior to deployment. Roto provided complete design, art direction, production and QC through opening day.

"The professionals at Roto not only provided extremely creative interactive attractions for the park, they did so with the highest quality, durability and reliability. That imagination and pride of ownership in their work directly translated to our guests’ delight!"

- Jon Binkowski, CEO Renaissance Entertainment

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