Brand Experiences

Experience Center

Cardinal Health

The Experience Center for this Fortune 500 company health care services company is an innovative synthesis of conference center, product demo, training facility, and event marketing showcase. Designed and built by Roto using leading-edge practices in interactive learning, the Experience Center is a high-quality expression of the company’s brand, technological competency, and commitment to customer service.


  • Museum-quality displays and interpretive stations
  • Highly-flexible, custom media training network
  • Media-rich conference and meeting facilities
  • Immersive branding and theming
  • Design-build contract to fixed budget and installation schedule
Cardinal Scene 01 90min Lit2

Because humans were designed by nature to learn with all their senses, the physical walk-through environment of the Experience Center allows sights, sounds, and the tactile feel of real objects used in the medical field to combine for full-spectrum learning, while fostering an atmosphere of social engagement critical for effective brand marketing. The Experience Center is designed to be modular, infinitely updatable, and easily replicated in multiple locations across the Cardinal Health customer

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