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Attraction guests of today and tomorrow demand an increasing depth of shared social engagement and personalization, just as attraction owners and investors require fresh ideas to stand out in an increasingly-complex marketplace. Not only are physical, location-based attractions competing with each other, they face new competition from increasingly-rich local zoo and museum experiences, and compelling new interactive technologies at home.

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GID Development Group, Riverside Center, New York City

Active entertainment is the future

Today’s attraction guests are no longer satisfied with the same old stories. Reality television, participatory media, hyper-interactive gaming, virtual realities, and the rise of the maker movement mark the end of traditional storytelling in the attraction world. A new generation of entertainment-seekers demand experiences that are more authentic, personal, and shareable, even if they may still be vicarious.

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Quality counts

Social media and the mobile internet have sent an unambiguous message to the attractions business. High throughput, and high-performance attractions can no longer thrive purely by counting turnstile clicks. Guests can no longer be enticed by IP alone. With the rise of social media, the family and young adult markets seek out quality experiences with the strongest online ratings, and those promising a deeper level of personalization and engagement.

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Meaning matters

Today’s experience-seekers will pay more, and return more often, for attractions with heart. What inspires families and young adults towards location-based attractions in the first place? It isn’t mindless entertainment, for this is often secondary to their central motivations to create a shared experience and make memories together. Roto attractions excel by weaving a concentrated dose of meaning and self-discovery that audiences embrace, then talk about.

The professionals at Roto not only provided extremely creative interactive attractions for the park, but they did so with the highest quality, durability, and reliability.

- Jon Binkowski, CEO Renaissance Entertainment


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    Attraction Design

    Operating as one of the deepest full-service entertainment and museum design firms in the field, Roto delivers world-class design integrated with complete attraction development services for single-source accountability from concept through completion. Roto is a strong match for themed or contemporary attractions relying on technology, interactivity, storytelling, and/or brand enrichment, whether for new or existing IP.

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    Jim Henson Legacy Museum

    Concept Design

    Concept development and design can start from a blank page, generating ideas and exploring directions in what is often termed a “blue sky” process. Or, pre-existing client concepts can be nurtured into fully-elaborated plans and renderings. Outcomes of Roto’s concept design efforts can take the form of colorful illustrations, loose storyboards, or bound and narrated concept “books” that blend words and images to tell the project’s full story.

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    Science Museum of Oklahoma, CurioCity, Oklahoma City View Case Study →

    Interactive Design

    When it comes to guest engagement with first-hand, highly personal and interactive experiences, Roto’s unique combination of custom design and in-house execution services are unrivaled in the field. Based upon more than 20 years of experience building the world’s greatest interactive museums, Roto’s integrated creative, design, R&D, and execution capabilities open unparalleled access for theme parks, zoos, and location-based entertainment to create any interactive experience imaginable, at scale.

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    Integrated Media & Technology Systems

    Roto is an A-list creative agency with its own in-house technical engineering, R&D, and full-scale production resources, furnishing complex media, technology and/or interactive projects with the luxury of development accountability from a single source. Roto can generate and refine creative ideation in response to technical and performance parameters that Roto itself is responsible for executing. This unique capacity accelerates timelines, reduces cost, and improves the feasibility of ambitious innovation.

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    Lincoln Children's Museum, Cuckoo Clock Climber, Nebraska


    Roto’s in-house production capacity is centered around custom fabrication of setwork, exhibitions, signage, and unique architectural features that require the blending of metal, wood, and plastics construction, museum-quality finishing, and state-of-the-art A/V, lighting, control, and electromechanical assembly. Shop engineering is fully 3D-capable with seamless design control from concept through automated milling and machining.

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    COSI, Oceans, Columbus, Ohio


    More than 70% of Roto’s annual volume is comprised of complex design-build projects, requiring extensive coordination of in-house and third party resources contracted to guaranteed schedules and budgets. Roto’s capacity is represented not only by our extensive 60,000-square-foot design, engineering, and fabrication facilities, but through an international constellation of regular partners, suppliers, and specialty subs who provide exemplary performance reliability over wide-ranging scopes.