Roto is a leading creative consultant, interdisciplinary design firm, and turnkey production resource for exceptional experiences and environments.

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Roto Exterior Dublin Ohio
Roto's 60,000-square-foot facility in Dublin, Ohio

Plan. Design. Build.

Roto serves a broad range of related market sectors representing an enormous diversity of cultural, learning, and leisure destinations. Each of Roto’s planning, design, and execution services within one sector are deeply informed by all the others, leading to a rich ecosystem of ideas and solutions for public experiences in the built environment.

Roto Fabrication Shop Dublin Ohio

Quality and Innovation

Roto self-performs an extensive range of custom design, engineering, and fabrication. The firm’s freedom to push boundaries is amplified by its responsibility for guaranteed outcomes. Roto is maximum ambition harnessed to maximum accountability.

Roto Fabrication Shop Drawings

Rigor and Experience

Roto has produced more than 150 museums, exhibits, attractions, and architectural features throughout the world. We are known for combining professional rigor with generous project flexibility, adapting our approach and contributions to produce highly reliable and cost-effective outcomes.

Roto Illustration Concept Design

Origins and Values

Roto was founded by a select few creative veterans of a large and ambitious interactive museum. Their deeply ingrained, audience-centered values and operational know-how are intrinsic to the company’s business model and service values today.

Roto Software Chip Engineering

Our Name

“Roto” is a Latin verb meaning revolve or whirl, conjuring an image of movement, energy, and progress. “Rota” means wheel, a strong symbol of simplicity and usefulness. Legally called Roto Group LLC, the company dropped the “studio” in 2011 and registered its US trademark of “roto” in 2012.

Our Markets

Roto’s constellation of previous and future projects fall both inside and outside traditional boundaries with an emphasis around museums, zoos, brand destinations, and attractions. We also serve retail and mixed-use developers, schools, civic organizations, hospitals, corporations, and events. Click below to dive into a core market or reach out to explore your unique project needs.

Our Projects

Roto is an excellent choice when the desired outcomes are custom, goal-driven, oriented around learning or brand messaging, interactive or immersive, require complex development or engineering, and benefit from top-level experience and talent. Our projects include the following:

  • Site and facility master plans
  • Interactive exhibitions
  • Interpretive storytelling and collections
  • Immersive environments
  • Themed attractions
  • Visitor centers and heritage sites
  • Maker spaces
  • Unique interactive retail
  • Custom architectural features
  • Corporate brand experiences
  • Kinetic and interactive artwork
  • Technology and media installations
  • Mobile experiences and events

Our Facility

Roto Design Projects Department Dublin Ohio

Design & Build

Roto brings planning, design, R&D engineering, and full-scale production capabilities into one contiguous 60,000-square-foot facility, custom-made for our unique style of design-build service.

Roto Fabrication Welding Sparks
Roto Illustration Design Department
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Roto Engineering Interactive Media


  • Fully-collaborative planning and design studios
  • State-of-the-art conference rooms and project team areas
  • Dedicated prototyping and evaluation facility
  • Custom electronics assembly and R&D workshop
  • Media design and post-production suites
  • High-tech metal and wood fabrication under 34-foot ceilings
  • 3D work flow from concept models through automated CNC
  • High-precision milling and 3D printing
  • Dedicated water-feature testing facility
  • 20,000 square foot conditioned high-bay warehouse
  • Three shipping/receiving doors, two docks, and one drive-in
  • Energy efficient systems throughout
  • Located in Dublin, a high-tech, fast-growing suburb of Columbus, Ohio
  • Situated within an hour flight of half of the U.S. population
Roto Fabrication Shop Exhibits Dublin Ohio